‘Past Times’ creating the ‘Best of Times’

World Jungle’s new friendship club, the Past times Café, in Woodfields, Cam is making a real difference to the lives of local residents and is fast becoming a social hub for the community.

Since January 2014, older residents from across Cam Woodfields have been meeting each week at the friendship club which is based at the Woodfields Community Centre.  Known as the Past Times Café, the club is run by Lisa Barnfield and  Rosheen Windsor from World Jungle.  As well as offering a friendly and welcoming place to have a cup of tea and a chat with friends, residents are also invited to take part in a range of activities.

Project leader, Lisa Barnfield explains:

 “The Past Times Café is all about breaking down barriers, combating loneliness and getting people together.  The benefits to how you feel just by getting out of the house, having a chat with friends, or getting to try something new are huge.

 Activities that we have done include art, knitting, poetry, fitness, dance and raffles. Coming soon we have lots of new stuff including Tai chi, Nia Dance and Lindyhop! Some of the residents have used their time at the café to join together to work on a beautiful, hand crafted blanket.

 I have loved seeing the smiles and the obvious increased self-esteem of our visitors – we have actually seen people change since coming to the club.  It’s wonderful.”

Feedback has been enormously positive and really demonstrates the importance of projects such as this in combatting loneliness and increasing the well-being of older residents within the community.

Barbara said: “I love coming here because it  is the only time I get to socialise, I don’t see anyone except my dog”

Martin said:  “It is a great break from being at home, a social time to meet people and the handicraft is fun!”

The project is made possible with funding from People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthTotal through The Health Lottery, and has so far been completely free for residents of the Cam Woodfields area to enjoy.  Due to its popularity, it is hoped to extend the service by inviting people from other areas of Cam and Dursley for a small charge of £1 per session.

Residents of Woodfields are encouraged to go along and get involved in the café and suggest activities that they would like to see. For more information, contact World Jungle on 07878 865297, visit www.worldjungle.org.uk or email info@worldjungle.org.uk

PastTimes Photo April 2014


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