Looking forward to meeting up with our European partners

Jane Manning and Ben Ward from World Jungle are excited to be heading off to Turkey next week on a trip that marks the culmination of a two-year long European Project aimed at promoting learning to disadvantaged groups.


The Grundtivig Learning Partnership project called ‘Beyond the Book’ brings together educators, artists, and video technicians from 9 different European countries to share their skills and explore the ways in which video production can help to support the learning of those most disadvantaged including school leavers, youth at risk, elderly and the long term unemployed.  Through learning the skills of video production,  the group have been shown how other key learning skills are embedded in the process and how this can be a fantastic way to engage learners who perhaps struggle with a straight classroom based experience.

The group meet for the final time in Aliaga, western Turkey next week where they will each get to show the results of their work, presenting their videos to the whole project team which includes representatives from Austria, Germany, Turkey, Italy, France and Wales.  Ben Ward explains:

“Creating videos is a great way for people to learn a whole range of skills, especially for those who struggle with literacy and other ‘basic’ skills. Through making a video you can learn a whole range of additional skills including team building, writing, organisation and problem-solving.  

The approach is called ‘problem-based learning’ and it gives the learner an innovative and exciting learning experience based around ‘real-world’ needs.

 We are really excited to have been part of this project and learn about this approach which we can now use with groups of learners, together with sharing our knowledge with other local learning providers.”

Once they return to Dursley, the couple are keen to start sharing what they have learned from this project with local groups across the area.  Community groups and learning organisations who would be interested in finding out more about this model of learning are encouraged to get in touch with Ben on 07889 512644 or email: ben@worldjungle.org.uk    Website: www.worldjungle.org.uk  .

jane bebo small


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