Planning underway for a fantastic summer of fun!

World Jungle is delighted to have received support from Gloucestershire County Council to run three Summer Holiday Activity Programmes for children and families to enjoy in Bourton &  North Leach, Tetbury and South Cerney .

The three  ‘week-long’ programmes will include a combination of indoor and outdoor activities using community venues and local green spaces, and will also culminate in a major Children’s Festival bringing children together from across the county.  Ben Ward from World Jungle said:

 “We are really excited to have the opportunity to run these three programmes which build on the successful schemes we have run for Cotswold District Council over the past few summers.

 The activities taking place throughout each week will include a range of things to suit all tastes, including circus skills, sports and games, dance competitions, African drumming, face painting, henna, and arts and crafts.  We want to inspire kids to get active, learn about healthy behaviours, try new things… and of course have lots of fun over the summer holidays.”

The funding was made available under the ‘Children’s Activity Fund’,  a new grant scheme from Gloucestershire County Council, encouraging more sport and physical activity across the county.  Three activity programmes run by World Jungle will be funded under this scheme, each with the backing of the Local Councillor for each area:  Cllr Shaun Parsons (South Cerney),   Cllr Tony Hicks (Tebury) and Cllr Paul Hodgkinson (Bourton and Northleach).

Councillor  Paul Hodgkinson, said:

 “I am really pleased to be able to support this project which will hopefully benefit many children and their families across our County.  Our underlying  aim is to promote the physical and emotional health of children. The events will take place in the heart of our communities, encouraging people to make more use of our local green, public and community spaces too.  We are looking forward to a great summer ahead.”


For more information, please contact Ben Ward from World Jungle on 07889 512644, email    or visit  .

Ben bubbles fun


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