Rednock School’s Brazilian Samba Extravaganza

The pupils of Rednock Secondary School in Dursley were treated to the sounds of samba last week with thanks to local creative organisation World Jungle and funding from Make Music Gloucestershire.

Over three days, all the children in the whole school aged between 12 –16 years had the opportunity to hear the sounds of samba and learn about its origins and the role it plays in the Favelas of Rio.

The aim of the sessions was to introduce the children to the amazing musical experience that samba can be and in some way capture the essence of Brazilian carnival music.  Workshops provided by the World Jungle Samba team gave children the opportunity to join in some basic rhythm games, hear different samba rhythms, learn about the different rhythms and even try their hand at playing in front of their peers in the school assemblies.  Ben Ward from World Jungle said:

“Samba is a fantastic way to engage children in music.  No special musical skills are required. Once given their instruments and the infectious rhythms are playing, within minutes the group becomes a band, inspiring confidence and promoting a feeling of community and team spirit.”

Building on this experience, a  12 week samba course has now started for secondary school aged children aimed at trying to set up a new youth samba group for the area.  Weekly sessions will be held at the Chantry Centre in Long Street, Dursley on Friday afternoon from 3:30 –4:30pm.  Costing £2 per session, anyone interested in attending should just go along on Friday or contact Ben Ward at World Jungle for more information on 07889 512644.

For any adults interested in Drumming, there is a second weekly class  in Samba & African Drumming run by the World Jungle Team at the Chantry Centre on Fridays 5-6pm.  The sessions cost  £4 to cover expenses and no experience is required and there is no marching involved for this one either – it can even be done seated!  For more information, please visit

WJ Rednock Samba