Bringing the Sounds of Brazilian Carnival to Gloucestershire

With thanks to funding from Make Music Gloucestershire, the profile of World Jungle’s Samba Drumming workshops was raised significantly and we were able to build on the work of the initial project and go on to deliver workshops for children in many other Gloucestershire schools too.

Back in 2015, with funding from Make Music Gloucestershire, World Jungle worked with Rednock Secondary School in Dursley to deliver a Samba drumming programme offering a unique addition to the existing music provision in the school.  It enabled a broad range of students to gain experience of music and rhythms from other parts of the world, namely South America, and also begin to explore the links with African drumming more generally.

For those pupils that developed specific interest to develop their skills further, an ‘after-school’ programme was set up enabling them to be tutored in more specific rhythms and working towards the formation of a future youth-based Samba/African Drumming Group for the local area.  Those involved had the opportunity to also explore how they could use the instruments of Samba to develop other styles of music including samba reggae, hip hop and breakbeat and other more modern forms of music associated with youth culture.

As part of this project, Samba workshops were also run for other youth groups in the area to enjoy including the Explorer Scouts and Guides; sharing the sounds of samba and teaching about its origins and the role it plays in the Favelas of Rio.

The aim of World Jungle’s Samba Workshops is to introduce children and young people to the amazing musical experience that samba can be and in some way capture the essence of Brazilian carnival music.  Workshops provided by our Samba team give participants the opportunity to join in some basic rhythm games, hear different samba rhythms, learn about the different rhythms and even try their hand at playing in front of their peers.
Ben Ward from World Jungle said:

“Samba is a fantastic way to engage children in music.  No special musical skills are required. Once given their instruments and the infectious rhythms are playing, within minutes the group becomes a band, inspiring confidence and promoting a feeling of community and team spirit.”

From our project with Rednock School supported by Make Music Gloucestershire, the profile of World Jungle’s Samba Workshops was raised considerably and we have seen much interest from other schools in our local area, with sessions already having been organised for a number of primary schools including Cam Woodfields, Dursley Primary, North Nibley and Hillesley.

As we look towards 2016 and in particular the Olympic Games this summer in Rio, Samba Drumming workshops are a fabulous way to introduce, celebrate and explore other cultures.  Please do get in touch with our Creative Schools Team on 01453 548 880, email or visit if you would like to find out more.

Bounce samab 5 photo


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