Make a Difference in Cam & Dursley

“It can be amazing where a simple conversation can lead…”  That is the basic idea behind a new programme being launched in Cam and Dursley this month which hopes to kick-start some new community projects and groups by asking people what they care enough about in their area to do something about.

Residents of Cam and Dursley are being encouraged think about what they would like to see happen in their community to help make it even better.  From starting a new group or helping an existing group develop, organising an event or working to improve a community space – the idea could be anything. What is important is that ideas come from the hearts of people living here and are driven forward by local people coming together to share their strengths, skills and experience to help make it happen.

The programme is being co-ordinated by local community organisation World Jungle working in partnership with Barnwood Trust.  Ben Ward from World Jungle said:

“When we look at communities, all too often the focus is on what is ‘wrong’ with a place.  We want to turn this way of thinking on its head and look at what is ‘strong’ instead.  Through having lots of conversations with local people, our aim is to identify the gifts, strengths and passions of individuals,  find out what they care enough about to want to make happen and help people come together and achieve their aim.”

 If you would like to have a chat with their team, they will be on hand every Wednesday morning in Dursley Library or call 07889 512644 to arrange a good time.  You can also go along to meet them at the next Farmer’s Market in Dursley town centre on the morning of Saturday 12 November where some fun activities will be on offer too including face painting for children.  Ben continues:

“People coming together are what help make communities strong and what help make things happen. From having lots of conversations with local people we hope  to encourage people to go forward with their ideas and connect with others in the community who may share the same aim, ambition or interest.”

For more information, please contact Ben Ward at World Jungle on 07889 512644, email  or visit the World Jungle website:  .

Children Playing