Cam & Dursley residents invited to a COMMUNITY IDEAS FAIR!

“It can be amazing where a simple conversation can lead…”  That is the basic idea behind the Community Building Programme in Cam and Dursley which is hosting an Ideas Fair next Friday.  We hope to kick-start some new community projects and groups by asking people what they care enough about in their area to do something about.


All residents of Cam and Dursley are invited to come along to the COMMUNITY IDEAS FAIR being held at The Chantry Centre, Long Street, Dursley, GL11 4JB, on Friday 22nd September 2017, 5 – 8 pm.


It will be an opportunity to meet people who share your interests and passions and chat about the things you love in Dursley and Cam.  You will be able to express any ideas you might have for this community.  You can find about local groups you didn’t know eisted or promote groups you are part of.


The programme is being co-ordinated by local community organisation World Jungle working in partnership with Barnwood Trust.  Fiona Campbell  from World Jungle said:

“Everyone is welcome to this friendly and relaxed get together.  We hope the late afternoon – early evening timing will make the Ideas Fair accessible to all.  When we look at communities, all too often the focus is on what is ‘wrong’ with a place.  We want to turn this way of thinking on its head and look at what is ‘strong’ instead.  The aim is to identify the gifts, strengths and passions of individuals,  find out what they care enough about to want to make happen and help people come together and achieve their dreams for the future of Dursley and Cam.  It will be a great way to get to know your neighbours, why not bring along a plate of food to share!”


“People coming together are what help make communities strong and what help make things happen. From having lots of conversations with local people we hope  to encourage people to go forward with their ideas and connect with others in the community who may share the same aim, ambition or interest.”


For more information, please contact Fiona Campbell at World Jungle on 07474976403, email  or visit the World Jungle website:  .


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