Power to the People

Really interesting article by Nick Maisey on Asset Based Community Development

In the Village

Nurturing community-led development

Our population is increasing. The purse-strings are tightening. The need for social and community support is beyond the weight of what traditional funded services can meet. It’s no great secret that the answer lies in the community, that strengthening community connections and re-weaving our social fabric will yield far more for our collective wellbeing than what services can provide, and save our government support systems from going under. But what does this actually look like in practice? How do we nurture community-led development?

These questions led me to the English county of Gloucestershire, where the Barnwood Trust are leading the way in community-led development (take a moment to enjoy the irony of that statement).

Barnwood Trust is a Gloucestershire-based charitable foundation, established over 200 years ago. Traditionally, the Trust has focused on supporting people with disabilities and mental ill-health to live good lives. Historically, this has taken…

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