World Jungle is an award-winning social enterprise that is about “sharing the very best that our world has to offer”. We believe great ideas and activities are for sharing. We learn and grow as individuals and teams from new experiences, doing and thinking in ways we haven’t done before.

With four key activity areas World Jungle is unique – fusing culture and creativity, dynamic health and wellbeing, explosive events and a long term commitment to improving our community and environment. World Jungle offers a 21st century model of business that recognises its social responsibilities that come with enterprise.

World Jungle Creative – Inspire, motivate and celebrate! Experienced creative practitioners and facilitators from across the globe bring energy and enthusiasm and talent into your organisation to stimulate new ways of working and new ways of doing things.

World Jungle Community – Working across all ages predominantly in rural Gloucestershire, we support a range of community projects. Raising awareness of environmental issues, protecting and developing public space as well as supporting those most vulnerable in our communities.

World Jungle Events – From park fun days, youth showcases and music nights, to full blown multi-cultural extravaganzas, we offer a complete events package solution overseeing all aspects from concept to completion.

World Jungle Health – Providing a range of solutions to improve your health and wellbeing including outdoor play, dance and fitness classes, nutrition and Pilates.


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